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  • Over 3,000 rural underserved women have graduated after successfully completing 4 months quality trainings in state-of-the-art labs in 16 districts all over the country,
  • 25 percent of the successful graduates either acquired jobs in district government line departments, government schools and NGOs or started their micro-enterprises such as computer tuition centres, typing and composing centers, etc. in their neighbourhoods,
  • Over 500 graduates were engaged in the data entry activity of Universal Primary Education (UPE), Adult Literacy Centres (ALC) and Health programs. The activity of outsourced earlier and incurred higher costs than the remuneration paid to the CTLC graduates,
  • About 3,000,000 records of UPE, 200,000 of ALC, and 125,000 of Health were entered by CTLC graduates who earned a decent livelihood,
  • Capacity building of over 500 employees of various district governments line departments in 16 districts of all the four provinces,
  • The pilot project significantly contributed to the process of women empowerment while expanding their social, economic, mental, political and physical spaces.



A Research Article titled “Building Resilient Communities through Empowering Women with Information and Communication Technologies: A Pakistan Case Study” can be downloaded from