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Seminar and Walk on International Literacy Day PDF Print E-mail

Islamabad- September, 8th 2012: Literacy Day is being celebrated across the globe today, an illustration of the revival of the importance of education and learning as well as to devise programs that could be implemented for the pursuit of basic, higher and better education for everyone.


Through the efforts of National Commission of Human Development (NCHD), Literacy day was celebrated in Pakistan within the paradigms of peace and the desire to make a change. In order to achieve the objectives of this day, a literacy walk has been organized by NCHD on Saturday 8th of September, 2012 at Liaqat Gymnasium Sports Complex, Islamabad starting from 09:30 am and conclude at 11:30 am, which included Chairperson NCHD MNA Dr. Nafisa Shah, Chief Guest for the event Begum Shahnaz Wazir Ali (Special Assistant to Prime Minister), Zamurud Khan (Chairman Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal), Chaudhary Qamar Zaman (Federal Secretary Ministry of Education and Trainings) and other eminent individuals related to the education sector of Pakistan as well as students from various institutes who participated in the walk by making use of colorful captions regarding this day and conducted this event in the most peaceful and civil manner by setting an example of how any important day needs to be celebrated like a literate, educated and productive citizen of the country.


Local musical bands performed the songs of NCHD on education and literacy along with the national songs. This was also accompanied by spreading the word through banners across Islamabad and all these efforts were culminated in the form of a seminar on Literacy Day through which the Chief guest and the honorable guests addressed the gathering attended by the students of federal board, sweet homes Pakistan bait-ul-maal, youth groups, civil society and relevant important officials of the country.

NCHD has an extremely strong role to play in these events. The organization stands for the development of a human being whereby education has a pivotal role to play. The commission has a prior motive of ‘Education for All’ and is primarily working for universal primary education and adult literacy along with assisting the Government of Pakistan to achieve MDGs and EFA goals. The Literacy rate of Pakistan is currently 58% which is increasing (.5%) every year and NCHD’s contribution in the annual increase is 2.8%. National Commission for Human Development is making sure to take the literacy rate to 75% till 2015 which is also the target set in MDGs.