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NCHD and BBSYDP Signed MoU 2013 PDF Print E-mail

In Phase-V National Commission for Human Development has planned to train 14000 poor women per year from remote areas of all 23 districts. In this regard 30% of training will be imparted with collaboration of Livestock & Fisheries Department as Potential Partner. Total duration of the project will be for 3 years and 42000 trainees will be trained in this period. Details of the project for one year are as under:

• In Phase-V 14000 poor women from remote area will be trained.

• 9800 trainees will be selected in Stitching and Tailoring trade from all over Sindh.

• 3700 trainees will be selected in Livestock and other related trades in employable trades.

• 500 trainees in the field of Information Communication Technology.

• The total proposed cost of the project for one year is 146.63 million which comes 439.89 million for three years.