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Public Private Partnership Model:

Public Private Partnership is the distinguishing characteristic of NCHD which combines the efforts of both the government and individuals achieving the best results. This unique model provides basis for a governance structure with more transparent, multi-level participatory management and approval system enabling effective overseeing of implementation/financial affairs of this Public Private Partnership to improve social sector delivery mechanism of public sector organizations.


Lead Agency for Literacy in Pakistan

NCHD was awarded with “The International Reading Association Literacy Prize 2006” by UNESCO while Government of Pakistan has declared NCHD the Lead Agency for Literacy in Pakistan


 Provision of easy access to education:

We have established feeder schools in the most remote areas of Pakistan where no educational infrastructure is available, providing masses an access to education. Through adult literacy centers, people in the age group of 11-45 who either never enrolled or dropped out of school, are provided with basic literacy skills.


National presence

We are present in 134 districts of Pakistan including FATA, Gilgit Baltistan, and Azad Jammu Kashmir providing people with an easy access to education and health facilities.


Vision to empower the government leading to national development:

Our vision is to help government of Pakistan achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in minimum possible time. We empower the government and communities by building their capacities and creating a sense of ownership along with public private partnership.


High level of check and balance system

Through the establishment of NCHD and PHDF, the Government of Pakistan has set up a two-pronged governance structure to create check and balances systems. NCHD is responsible for implementation of the programs, while PHDF is the custodian of funds for human development endeavors of NCHD.