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Health Program updates (2005-2010)

Earthquake Support in Awaran Baluchistan

 NCHD/Baluchistan decided to hold medical camp for earthquake effected people in Baluchistan. They motivated other organizations as well to help in this good cause. An area was selected in the village name “Mohammad Jan Bazar Garai Pirandar U/C Awaran”. MCs visited the village and appointed few volunteers. NCHD in compliance with Falah Insaniat Foundation (FIF) and Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) who both helped NCHD with provision of doctors, Medicines and other medical arrangements to have proper medical camps in this particular village.

 About two to three vehicles with doctors, nurses and volunteers visit the village Awaran to fulfill medical needs of effected people. The people of the area were suffering from contaminated water related problems, anxiety, stomach problems and fracture. Many people complained that there were no health camps and doctors available to help us fight with health issues caused by earthquake destruction. The volunteers and NCHD team also used the camp as an opportunity to raise awareness on basic medical issues. The villagers expressed their appreciation for this effort which was made to bring attention to such issues after disaster. Total number of patient examined were 356, a good number of female and children came for examination. NCHD vehicles facility also provided to bring the old and disables to the camp.

Cataract Operations Phase-I & II-Modalities in KPK

National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) – Ministry of Education and training, Government of Pakistan and International Gamishop Milli Gorosh (IGMG) a Turkish Organization based at Germany, has signed an MoU for 2000 Cataract Operations in 14 locations of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) and one district Multan in Punjab province in Pakistan. This project was inaugurated in September 2012 and has almost completed their eye screening in KPK and is on final stages in district Multan,Punjab. Project will be completed by end of August 2013.

Under this MoU the priority of the patients were illiterate learners of Literacy Centers, Neo Literates, and relatives of learners and volunteers of NCHD. Secondly, the preference was given to areas where there were no access of patients to ophthalmologist/Eye hospital or they could not afford the expenses of cataract operation.

Total of 10,931 patients were identified in 53 screening camps where out of which 1655 patients have been screened out and advised for cataract operation, among these identified patient 1000 patients have been operated by senior ophthalmologist in various districts in districts head quarter Hospitals or in well reputed and furnished hospitals of the province. Screening and operations will be done by end of August 2013

Awareness Session on Measles in Punjab

Measles has struck Province Punjab very severely this year. The disease has hit Punjab as a province in general and South Punjab in particular. It has left people in disarray and the Government is struggling to cope with it. In this situation, we all need to carry the hand of the Government to stand against the calamities of this disease.

Being a Social Sector Organization, NCHD can help the Health department in giving awareness to the people in the field. This is being done at the District level by the NCHD teams in Punjab. NCHD Jhang team has arranged an awareness session at Adult Literacy Centers in Wasu. This is all done in collaboration with the District Health Department. The team has arranged an Anti-Measles week in the district which was supported by the District Government.

Farzana Nadeem (Nutrition Supervisor) from District Health Department along with 2 LHWs (Lady Health Workers) Saghra Bibi and Ghulam Sakina visited the ALC and shared some details about Measles. They delivered the lecture on the symptoms of the disease and precautionary measures to protect themselves and their families from spreading this disease. It was an interactive session in which all the females of the village took part. All learners showed their gratitude to NCHD for this great opportunity to learn about Measles and the ways through which they could cope up against it.

Microbe Literacy in Punjab

Center of Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP) has been the leading agency to promote Microbe Literacy in Pakistan with the help of other donors. In this backdrop, a workshop on Microbe Literacy was organized under NCHD Punjab in collaboration with CERP from 15th to 22nd April 2013 at Lahore. Dr. Daniel and Mr. Heggin ex USA – specialists on the subject trained 32 Master Trainers from 4 districts (Muzaffargarh, RYK, Bahawalnagar, and Lodhran) on Microbe literacy. Training was imparted to DGMs, DPMs, LCs, LASs and JLCs. The objective of the training was to equip the Master Trainers to help people in dissemination of the entire program of Microbe Literacy to the learners of 4230 Adult Literacy Centers established in Punjab for Literacy Phase from January to July 2013. Two of the most important indicators of Human development are Education and Health. People in the rural areas are deprived of the basic information/ preventive measures regarding health care to safeguard their lives and healthy growth of their children.

Total number of 210 Adult Literacy centers has been selected for the whole Research. The survey will be conducted by CERP team in the field. There will be a baseline survey and midline survey, followed by a revisit after one year.The said activity will educate the 5250 learners about cleanliness and also develop the interest of learners.

School Health Program
National ORS Campaign