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In Pakistan, one child is dying every minute and every fifth death is due to diarrhea or diarrhea related causes. Diarrhea has been identified as the major cause of child mortality in Pakistan, accounting for 30% of deaths each year. These child deaths could be prevented easily at household level by adopting simple preventive measures.

WHO has recognized Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) as the single most life-saving drug of the 21st century. NCHD’s two pronged strategy of health education and preventive care is the most effective and appropriate method for combating, controlling and preventing diarrheal diseases in Pakistan.

NCHD launched ORS Campaign to reduce deaths caused by diarrhea which kills 41,000 children every year in Pakistan.  The main objective of the program was to train at least one woman of every household in preparation and administration of Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS).

Through this campaign, NCHD trained almost 13.77 million women in 80 districts of Pakistan.

Program Profile

Districts covered = 80 districts

Number of women trained = 14.1 million