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Capacity Program Updates (2004-2008)

This program builds up the capacity of district line department officials and elected representatives, and helps bridge the gap between strategy and implementation of service delivery by bringing about improvement in systems, fostering efficiencies and competencies of line departments and elected representatives. These efforts make them successful partners in implementation of development programmes.


Capacity development program has covered 48 districts.

  • 11,261 EDOs/Govt. Officials and elected representatives trained in planning & budgeting
  • 4,384 elected representatives on their role in District and Tehsil Monitoring Committees
  • 2,437 EDOs, DOs and TMA officers on their role in operationalization of CCBs

These trainings have resulted in the following outcomes:

  • The budget was prepared according to the new Budget Rules (2003) in NCHD districts
  • District Monitoring Committees were notified and activated in 44 districts and 166 Tehsils
  • Accelerated the pace of approval of Citizen Community Boards’ projects in 13 districts.