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NCHD has collaborated with Microsoft Corporation and respective district governments to implement this program. The CTLC Program aims at creating opportunities for the educated yet unprivileged women of the most remote areas of Pakistan and allowing learners to be acquainted with and learn computer skills in a hands-on-training course. Microsoft Corporation has approved NCHD as the certifying agency for this course.

NCHD involved the CTLC graduates in the data entry activity at NCHD which facilitated them in acquiring jobs in the data transcription industry.

CTLCs are functional at Attock, Badin, Gujrat, Mansehra, Pishin, Mardan, Noshehro Feroz, and Thatta.

National Commission for Human Development

Benazir Community Technology Learning Centers (CTLC) Program




  The Project Facilities and Training Methodology

  The Pilot Project Achievements/Benefits

  Impact assessment of the Pilot Project