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National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) and Pakistan Human Development Fund (PHDF) is a unique public private partnership model for social sector development in Pakistan. Under this public private model, the two organizations have been established simultaneously in 2002 i.e. NCHD AND PHDF.

PHDF receives funds for the programs of NCHD along with overseeing its operations and program implementation. While NCHD, working as statutory autonomous federal body, is mandated with implementation of basic education and basic health programs for human development in Pakistan.

Pakistan Human Development Fund (PHDF) is registered as a non- profit company under the Companies Ordinance 1984. It has an independent 37 member Board of Directors. 33 of the directors have contributed US $ 100,000 each while four are ex- officio members represent Government of Pakistan and UNDP.

Ms. Nadira Panjwani is currently the Chairperson of PHDF, while the commission has four members with Mrs. Razina Alam Khan as Chairperson.

NCHD primarily works for Human Development in Pakistan through the improvement of basic education and Healthcare by supporting provincial and educational Health departments. NCHD has about 3,72,000 volunteers throughout Pakistan, helping NCHD to achieve its targets.

PHDF/ NCHD have so far raised Pak Rupees 1.659 billion (US $ 27 million) while the Government of Pakistan has provided Pak Rupees 7.693 billion for the operations of NCHD.

This unique public partnership model provides the private sector philanthropists the international donor agencies, the volunteers and Government of Pakistan to join hands for a common goal of human development in Pakistan.